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+ 99+ million impressions.

NXY Professional Makeup was looking for an authentic way to participate in Pride 2020 and also to launch the brand’s Pride themed collection. Pride is a busy time with numerous brand activations, so it was important that NYX found a meaningful way to add to the events.

Maccomm executed a 360º strategy to support the launch of the brand’s Pride themed collection. The campaign, which highlighted the charitable partnership between NYX Professional Makeup and It Gets Better Canada, involved securing traditional media coverage, as well as a national influencer campaign involving 12 well known Canadian figures within the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Influencer partners were asked to create content sharing their definitions of Pride based on their unique experiences as members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. From here, influencers spoke on the importance of togetherness and support, both from within and from outside of the community and concluded by sharing a message of empowerment with their audiences, ensuring they mentioned NYX Professional Makeup’s partnership with It Gets Better Canada as a means of providing this support. This campaign allowed us to secure extensive social and media coverage, yielding 99+ million impressions.

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